South Carolina men’s and women’s basketball are back in the national spotlight for what they are achieving on the court. The Carolina Coliseum Project ensures that the efforts on the basketball floor are being matched by necessary facilities off the court to help both programs adequately prepare to compete and also attract future generations of Gamecock student-athletes.

“It’s pretty evident around the country that athletics is the front porch to every university and the Southeastern Conference,” said South Carolina men’s basketball coach Frank Martin. “We, just like all of our brothers in the SEC, continue to work to upgrade the facilities that are needed to provide our student-athletes in their respective sports with a first class experience during their college period.”

“Our team will benefit from the new facility by competing with the rest of the SEC,” said South Carolina women’s basketball head coach Dawn Staley. “When we go around to different campuses, what we see is a lot different than what we have on campus. This is state of the art. It has a ‘wow’ factor. It will definitely attract recruits, their parents, and when we have visitors and other coaches here. They want to know what a Final Four program looks like behind the scenes. So we’ll create an environment where people will want to strive to be like South Carolina. We don’t have that right now. We are in a position now where our winning should be both on and off the court.”

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