T. Wayne Poole said that his phone has been “blowing up over the last few days” because the Upstate area Gamecocks were thrilled that they were coming to “my house.”

That’s how excited that Gamecock fans in the Upstate were that Dawn Staley and the South Carolina women’s basketball team were visiting, and that was readily apparent as hundreds of fans filled the Southside High School gymnasium in Greenville, South Carolina the evening of Thursday, Oct. 13.

“This has been amazing,” Poole, the Vice President of the Greenville Gamecock Club, said. “I haven’t seen anything like this in the Greenville area. Everybody has been so excited.”

Staley and the Gamecocks were just as excited to be there with the fans as they were to have them there, particularly since Greenville will play host to the 2017 SEC Women’s Basketball Tournament at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena March 1-5, 2017.

“We like to touch our fans all around the surrounding areas of where we play,” Staley said. “Greenville is a place in which I haven’t been here a whole lot and wanted to come. Obviously, the SEC Women’s Basketball Tournament is here. What a great way into coming down and sharing this moment, this visit in Greenville with our players and getting them acclimated to the surrounding area. We went over to the arena today and saw where we would defend our SEC Women’s Basketball Tournament championship. We’ve got a new team. They need to experience some of the things and get them in front of the crowd and get them an understanding that there is a responsibility to our fans because they have been very supportive to our program and they’re part of the fabric of our program.”

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