Ike Cogburn didn’t grow up in Columbia, but he had an older brother who owned a restaurant in town and was also a huge South Carolina Gamecocks fan. After trying a few things after leaving school, Cogburn decided to head to Columbia to help his brother with Cogburn’s Grill, which later changed to Cogburn’s Restaurant. The restaurant was originally on Sumter Street, and it was a popular hangout for both politicians and Gamecock football players. “We got close with some of the players, and they would just come and eat with us a lot,” Cogburn said. “Got to know a lot of them as individuals.” Of course, that was many years ago, and something like that probably wouldn’t be able to happen today. “Back then you didn’t have to be quite as careful as you do now,” Cogburn said. “Now you can’t even give them a Coca-Cola.” However, that was how Cogburn first became a Gamecock fan, and he hasn’t looked back since. Cogburn’s family has been involved with the Gamecock Club through the restaurant way back when it used to be the “Buck-A-Month” Club, and Cogburn himself has been a member of the Gamecock Club for 57 years. Because of that service to the University, Cogburn received the opportunity to be the Legendary Fan of the Game prior to the football team taking on Missouri on Saturday, Nov. 5. He learned about the honor about a week beforehand, and it was something he greatly enjoyed. “It was very exciting, and a good feeling,” Cogburn said.

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