South Carolina already has one of the most exciting pregame player entrances in college football with 2001. It will get even more spectacular this season with the addition of pyrotechnics.

New this season will be four flame units, with each unit producing flames in excess of 20 feet, and eight Co2 jets that will create plumes of ‘smoke’ between 20-25 feet long, according to Eric Nichols, South Carolina Senior Associate AD/Marketing & Branding. The flame units will be fired as the team enters the field to the traditional “2001: A Space Odyssey” theme that has become synonymous with Gamecock Football.

“We believe this will be the most explosive team entrance in college football,” Nichols said.

“The University of South Carolina is the only NCAA team currently utilizing these effects for football games on this scale,” said Justin Pruett, Show Producer for Pyrotecnico FX. “Use of this type of equipment is more often seen across the NFL.”

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