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While Gamecock Athletics is committed to providing the option to receive a refund, your consideration of reinvesting your remaining ticket money into our student-athletes is encouraged. From funding athletic scholarships to providing educational benefits- books, tutoring, nutrition, training, and world-class medical care, you make all this possible. With 40% of our revenue at risk, we ask that you please consider helping us continually equip our student-athletes with everything they need to excel in their sport while also providing the resources needed to continually develop well-rounded Gamecocks that compete and succeed in academics and in life.


Summary of Options for Your Ticket-Related Funds

  • Donate: Donate the remainder of your 2020 football season ticket funds to the Athletics COVID-19 Resilience Fund and help Gamecock Athletics cover scholarships and other expenses incurred by our over 500 Gamecock student-athletes.
  • Rollover: Rollover the remainder of your 2020 football season ticket funds to the 2021 football season and receive a 10% account credit to be used for future charges like tickets or membership.
  • Refund: Receive a refund for the remainder of your 2020 football season ticket funds via check.

Ticket Money Rewards

Due to the changes to the 2020 football season, donors with football season tickets will likely end up with a significant credit on their account. This account credit represents an important opportunity for the athletics department to retain valuable resources at a time of great need. Gamecock Athletics continues to focus on providing donors with flexibility and encouraging them to participate in Reinvest for Success in a way that personally makes sense for them.  A donor that donates their ticket account credit receives a tax deduction and may be eligible for once in a lifetime experiences detailed in the adjacent graphic.

Gamecock Club Funds

Many of you will also have a portion of your Gamecock Club membership eligible for the Reinvest for Success campaign that will be communicated to you at the conclusion of men’s and women’s basketball seat selections. The percentage of membership eligible for these options is based on the number of mini-packs selected, and the number of additional sports for which you purchase season tickets. Any donor willing to keep their full 2020 Gamecock Club membership intact will qualify for our Forever Loyal benefits. Donors will be given until December 15th, 2020 to let us know how to handle remaining ticket and Gamecock Club funds.