Williams-Brice Stadium Event Rentals


Located in downtown Columbia, Williams-Brice Stadium provides an excellent location and venue for an intimate reception, meeting, or celebration of any special occasion. Williams-Brice Stadium offers a variety of unique settings throughout the premium areas. Each of our areas were created with unique features and elements which creates a beautiful and unforgettable Gamecock experience. Gamecock Athletics has enhanced our relationship with local business partner, Southern Way Catering, to offer new opportunities for rentals and non-game day use of Williams-Brice Stadium. This partnership will allow an elevated level of service for premium space rentals.

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Facilities Available

The Founders Zone

South Endzone – 200 Level
Square Feet: 12,785
Capacity up to 1,000


600 Level Executive Club

West Side – 600 Level
Square Feet: 1,800
Capacity up to 400


200 Level Executive Bay

West Side – 200 Level
Square Feet: 975
Capacity up to 100


Champions Club

West Side – 200 Level
Square Feet: 1,080
Capacity up to 144


Traditions Club

East Side – 400 Level
Square Feet: 24,140
Capacity up to 1,600


Horseshoe Club

West Side – 100 Level
Square Feet: 12,110
Capacity up to 800


Cockaboose Club

South Endzone – Lower Level
Square Feet: 16,300
Capacity up to 1,800


2001 Club

Southwest Corner – Lower Level
Square Feet: 4,595
Capacity up to 317


Event Policies

  • Client shall be authorized to make use of the tables, chairs, and buffet tables located in the Premises at no additional charge
  • Client shall not make holes in or otherwise deface or make the walls, furnishings, furniture, or fixtures
  • No exposed flame of any kind will be permitted i.e., open flame candles, etc.
  • Confetti, glitter, sparklers, smoke machines, helium balloons, etc. are strictly prohibited
  • Client shall not tape, glue, or staple items on the walls of the Premises
  • Client shall be responsible for removing any and all decorations from the Premises at the conclusion of the event
  • With respect to security, it is understood and agreed that the University requires a minimum of one UES security guard at the Premises for each 200 people, or portion thereof, attending the Event, and that security costs for one UES security guard is included in the rental fee. Additional UES security personnel shall be required for events based upon the number of attendees, entry/exit points, and similar security requirements and shall be billed to Client in addition of those amounts billed for Rent. DLES security personnel shall be required at all events where alcohol is present and/or that any part of which takes place after 9:00pm and shall be billed to Client in addition to those amounts billed for Rent.
  • Client must carry general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in the aggregate, and must provide a certificate of insurance with Southern Way, USC Athletics, and the Premises named as additional insured, at time of final payment. No event will be permitted without certificate of insurance on file at the time of the event.
  • Tulip Event Insurance¬†
Event Timeline
  • All day of rental activities must fall between the agreed upon 6 or 12 hour rental timeline. This is to include any set up or breakdown that the event may need

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