Cockaboose Club

South Lower: Sections 11-13

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Cockaboose Club

Fans sitting in Sections 11-13, located in the south end of the stadium’s lower bowl, have exclusive access to a totally renovated concourse and climate-controlled, Cockaboose Club. Access to this renovated concourse, which feature new restroom spaces and concession stands, is restricted to only those seated in these three sections. Patrons can move freely between the concourse, club space and the south seating bowl, while enjoying the most affordable club experience in the Southeastern Conference.

  • Access to climate-controlled club space in the south endzone
  • Renovated concourse featuring new restrooms and upgraded concessions
  • Full cash bar

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Cockaboose Club Pricing
Sections 11-13
Season Ticket $415
Seat Donation $300
SEF (one time donation for each new seat purchased) $150