Cockpit Reward Points

Gamecock Athletics would not be the same without our loyal and enthusiastic student fans. As a thank you for your continued support of Athletics, you will receive Cockpit Reward Points. 

What are they? How do I get them? Everything you need to know about Cockpit Reward Points!

What are they?

Gamecock Athletics would not be the same without our loyal and enthusiastic student fans. As a thank you for your continued support, we’ve created the Cockpit Rewards Program, which rewards you for attending events with Cockpit Reward Points.

How do I earn Cockpit Reward Points?

There are multiple ways to earn Cockpit Reward Points:

  1. Seniority Points – Each year at Carolina, you’ll start off with a set number of points. These points are based on the number of completed credit hours you have at the start of the academic year.
    1. Freshman: 3 points
    2. Sophomore: 4 points
    3. Junior/Graduate Students: 6 points
    4. Senior: 8 points
  2. Rollover Points – Each year at Carolina, you’ll carry over 10% of your points from the previous year.
  3. Student Gamecock Club Points – For more information on the Student Gamecock Club and how many points you can earn, click here.
  4. Attending Athletic Events – For each home athletic event you attend, you’ll earn Cockpit Reward Points.
    1. Football
      1. Non-conference: 2 points
      2. Conference: 1 point
      3. Stay until after the Alma Mater, exit through the student gate and receive a voucher to redeem for an additional reward point
    2. Men’s and Women’s Basketball
      1. Non-conference: 2 points
      2. Conference: 1 point
    3. All Other Sports
      1. 1 point
      2. Each sport will also have double points games that will be announced on social media
How do I get points from attending athletic events?

Football, Basketball and Baseball: You will be required to have a student ticket to attend football, basketball and baseball games. All you have to do is ensure that your student ticket is scanned at the venue and your points will be uploaded in 3-5 business days.

All other sports: For all other sports, you must ensure that your CarolinaCard is scanned by our marketing staff. You must have your PHYSICAL CarolinaCard. We are unable to scan a digital CarolinaCard. In order to receive points, you must attend before half of the event is over.

What do my points get me?

Student Tickets – Points are used to determine who will receive football tickets each week. Once all student ticket requests are in, the students are placed in order from most points to least points and a point cutoff is determined based on the number of tickets that we requested.

Prizes – As you earn points, you’ll unlock different prizes that will be available for you to pickup, including Under Armour gear. You will receive information on when prize pickups will occur.

You will never lose points during an academic year. If you attend a football game or pickup a prize, you do not lose those points. At the end of the academic year, all points will be reset to 0 and 10% of your points will rollover to the following academic year.

When will my points get uploaded?

Points will be uploaded within 3-5 business days. All points that count towards student tickets for football games will be uploaded by Tuesday night of game week prior to tickets being awarded Wednesday morning.

How do I check my points?

Use the Cockpit Rewards App to check your points. Please remember that points will take 3-5 business days to show up. If your points are not accurate, ensure that your UofSC email is tied to your account on the app. Points will not show up correctly if you use an email other than your UofSC email.

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